Established in 1949

24 hours a day

7 days a week

100+ years combined experience

Quality repair

Affordable Prices

By Service Center
Electrical / Industrial Wiring
Large AC/DC Motor Repair
Generator Repair
Gearbox Repair
Submersible Pump Repair
Computerized Dynamic Balancing
Field Balancing
Predictive Maintenance
Vibration Analysis
Thermal Imaging
By Winding Department
Kiln Duty Winding
Random Wound Motor Winding
Form Wound Motor Winding
DC Armature Winding
DC Field Coil Winding
Synchronous Field Coils
Class N Insulation For High Temp Motors
Computerized Verification of Data
Core Loss Test Stators
Aluminum Oxide Cleaning of Stators
Temperature Controlled Oven
Double VI Dip 75 HP & Larger
By Machine Shop
Spin Cast Babbit Bearings
Metalizing Equipment
Manufacture & Install New Shafts
Turn & Undercut Commutators
Mill Motor Feet Level

On-Site Repair
Motor Repair
Turn Slip Rings
Dry Ice Blasting
Laser Alignment
Predictive Maintenance
Field Balancing
Vibration Analysis
Thermal Imaging
Carbon Brush Survey

Ice Blasting of 3000HP 327RPM Motor On-site


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